Ad for Arizona Real Estate Broker

4 of 4 FORCE Series

3 of 4 FORCE Series

2 of 4 FORCE Series

1 of 4 FORCE Series

Magazine ad for Charity Event.

Cover Comp for New Magazine.

Comp for new Summit.

Full Page Ad for the Five Star Data Summit.

This is a mock book cover I built just to keep my chops up.

Event Flyer for Ritual Kaos. Nuff said.

This is the brand redesign for a local Promotion company. Ritual Kaos specializes in Drum and Bass/Dubstep musicians. Pretty straightforward here; keep it legible while giving the type treatment a distressed appearance.

This old image is the cover to a small biography of Joseph Stalin.

The World Snail Racing Championships actually exist in Norfolk, UK! I made this poster for their annual races.

AML is an animal magazine that steps up the quality of information and design to cater to a higher end demographic. It's sort of a mix of GQ and National Geographic.

This flyer went out from the Art Institute of Dallas to all the major design entities in town.

This is a flyer for a local Tattoo Studio in Dallas. I designed the flyer with the same dimensions as a tarot card to give it more of an "old-school", Sailor Jerry feel.

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